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Do It Yourself Maintenance for Garage Doors

02/17/2014 Back To Blog

Garage doors may seem like tough and high-performing machines but they also need maintenance from time to time. Since they are the largest and heaviest apparatus in many households, they may also create safety hazards when not properly taken care of. Simple do-it-yourself maintenance can be done in just a matter of few hours to avoid potential damages and prolong your door’s life span.Do It Yourself Maintenance for Garage Doors

Inspect the springs

The springs are one of the garage door parts that are always under extreme pressure. It is only important to do a regular inspection to check if all your garage door springs are in good working condition. Check the springs on the shafts and on the upper side tracks of your garage door. If you notice one that is visibly starting to wear off or already broken, consult the experts from garage door repair Newbury Park for replacement of new springs, as it could be a bit dangerous to do it on your own. Local hardware stores offer garage door springs that come with instructions for those homeowners who wish to do the replacement on their own.

Examine Hinges and Rollers

Hinges may have worked loose especially for old-running garage doors. Make sure to fasten and tighten all loose bolts and nuts using your hands or with the help of a wrench. For rollers, test if they can be moved using your fingers. If they seem kind of stuck and sluggish, you should apply some lubricant into the rollers using a spray or a clean rag. If you find broken hinges or rollers, it is advisable to have a professional technician to conduct a thorough inspection to see if some parts need replacement and also to inform you about potential damages.

Check the Tracks

Garage door tracks should be checked for any bents that may cause obstruction during operation. If the track seems like it moved or detached from the wall, loosen the bolts holding the track first before tapping it using a hammer. Tighten the bolts after and spray a light lubricant on the track curve.

Do a regular DIY maintenance to your garage door at least thrice a year. While you ensure the smooth and consistently fast operation of your door, you also provide solutions to the small solvable problems before they get worse.

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