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The Controversy of Overhead Garage Doors

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

The Controversy of Overhead Garage DoorsIn spite of the fact that overhead door systems are the most complex and dangerous ones they are also the most popular. One out of three homes own overhead garage doors while most accidents are caused by them. It's really a controversy! Why would people choose this type of garage mechanism when there are high probabilities of an injury? Is it sufficient to admit that people put practicality over their safety? What are the real reasons why people choose overhead doors and why can they be dangerous?

The ambiguity of overhead doors and people's decisions

The answer is simple. Overhead sectional doors are practical and most people would prefer them over other mechanisms because they occupy minimum space and leave most part of the garage opening free. Since they sit along the ceiling when opened, they won't require more space and, in fact, the recent production of wall mounted garage door openers have given people with limited ceiling space the chance to get overhead doors, too.

These systems are surely practical since they won't need space up front of the garage or at the side. The controversy though lies on their great popularity in comparison with their disadvantages. First of all, they are the most complex systems since they consist of the most garage door parts. Consequently, owners will deal with more problems and these systems will need more frequent maintenance and repair services. The second and most important controversy lies in the fact that these systems inflict the most injuries.

Thousands of people get injured annually by falling doors or hurt their fingers at the cost of a practical door. It only takes a broken garage door cable to see the door crashing or a snapped spring to get seriously injured. Though, apart from negligence to engage in the required garage door repairs, most accidents occur due to malfunctioned sensors! It is a controversy to think that over 40% of installed sensors do not work. So, basically the controversy lies on your decisions. Not actually the decision to get overhead systems but your decision to ignore the signs and the rules.

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