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The Controversy of Overhead Garage Doors

In spite of the fact that overhead door systems are the most complex and dangerous ones they are also the most popular. One out of three homes own overhead garage doors while most accidents are caused by them. It's really a controversy! Why would people choose this type of garage mechanism when there are high probabilities of an injury?

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Do It Yourself Maintenance for Garage Doors

Garage doors may seem like tough and high-performing machines but they also need maintenance from time to time. Since they are the largest and heaviest apparatus in many households

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Few Things That Will Help You Decide Whether You Need To Get New Garage Door

The tricky thing about the garage doors is that they tend to last for really long time, but the way they accomplish to do so is with periodical change of garage door parts.

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How Do I Choose a Garage Door

Although there are plenty of different garage door types, our choices are limited by many factors, such as the climate of Newbury, the money we can spend and the space at our home. The differences between glass doors and aluminum overhead doors, for example, are not only aesthetical ones

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All About Electric Garage Door Installation

There are many kinds of garage doors depending on the customer’s preferences. After you buy a door for your garage, the next step is to look for installation of a garage door. If your preference is an electronic garage door, which is more convenient any day, you need help from a pro that deals with installation of an electric garage door.

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