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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs in Newbury ParkDepending on their type, garage door springs will be mounted at both sides of the door or above it. The right type is selected by taking into consideration the weight of the door and its overall requirements. The springs above the door are the torsion springs, and are called this way because they develop torque as one of their ends is turning while the other one is not. The springs mounted at the two sides of the door are called extension springs because they extend and retract. When the door is open, the spring coils are compressed. Consequently, they are not tensed. When the door is in its closing position, the spring coils are stretched and are in full tension. This tension will be used for the opening of the door and that's why springs are essential components of each garage system.


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“Garage Door Repair Newbury Park” understands the great significance of springs and that's why it is prepared to cover all spring needs. We know well that an overhead door will never open if the springs are broken. We also know that the door will not be balanced if the springs or one of them have lost tension. We know every detail about all types of springs and try to make it as fast as possible to your home for extension springs repair. We provide immediate torsion spring adjustment and make sure spring services are provided with attention. Attention is needed because springs can be dangerous. Due to their power, they can cause tremendous injuries if they are not handled properly.


You can be sure that the spring specialists from Garage Door Repair Newbury Park are very careful despite their experience. We make sure your family is safe by offering our Broken Garage Door Opener Chain Repair services fast and your property is not damaged by being extra careful during services. We provide emergency spring repairs, excel in their replacement and are here to take care of any problem and answer any question you might have related to garage door springs. Give us a call for any need.

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