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Do you need some tips about garage door maintenance?

Here you can find great ideas and small tips for all problems

Take care of tracks and rollers

Garage door rollers sit in tracks and travel through them carrying the garage door. If the tiniest problem (dents, dirt etc.) will obstruct that journey, the door might stay open, won't close properly or may even come off tracks. Make sure both components are in fine condition.

Be careful when you choose components

Be aware that all garage door parts come in different sizes. If you don't get the right extension springs for garage doors, you must adjust the cables. If you don't get the right rollers, they won't fit in the tracks or get damaged sooner from the door's weight.

Child safety

The garage door is not a playground for children. Avoid standing below, running or playing near garage doors, as it can be potentially dangerous. Care should be taken especially while opening and closing the door. Our specialists will enlighten you more about the safety of children near garage doors.

Read the warranty of a new garage door opener carefully

This is important since the different components may be covered for different periods of time. If the motor unit has lifetime warranty, for instance, the drive unit may be covered for three, five or ten years. You should check how the warranty works regarding both parts and labor. You have to be certain that the device is reliably covered.

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